product sourcing

We can help with identifying your desired product and finding the right supplier.


We can check and optimize samples to help you save on international shipping.


We can help with local and international logistics and shipping directly to a warehouse.


We can save you time and frustration by providing expert advice on dealing with China.

About Us

International experts locally based in China

We are expats based in China, with more than 5 years of experience working and dealing with Chinese companies, factories, and merchants.

While you have the option of directly finding and dealing with suppliers online via Alibaba, you will never get the same quality and value as you would boots on the ground, interacting with suppliers directly and physically inspecting and optimizing your product samples.

A few things we’re great at

Having a foreign mind and pair of eyes on the ground in China makes all the difference – communication between East and West is difficult, and the understanding of concepts and expectations of quality can differ drastically.


We are from Europe and North America and we know what you want as a Western client and business owner.

Sourcing & Negotiation

We are fluent in Mandarin and we have deep understanding of the Chinese market and local business etiquette.

Visual Inspection

We can provide photo and video visual inspections of your samples during the sampling process.

Industry Experience

We have e-commerce experience and we understand the demands of brands and brand owners.

China Logistics

We know all the in’s and out’s of logistics, shipping, and travel in China, and we can handle freight forwarding.

Contact us for a free 15-minute initial consultation.

Our Services

We provide the following services and packages to best help you get your products made right and delivered tight.

STARTER Sampling Package

US$88 + Expenses*

  • Full, fluent English service
  • Up to 8 samples shipped to our local China office
  • Sample inspection + 30-minute call
  • You pick the best sample and we ship it to you*
  • $10/sample for extra samples

Freight Forwarding PACKAGE

US$188 + Expenses*

  • Ship your EXW products from supplier directly to your destination warehouse or Amazon FBA fulfillment center in North America, Europe, or Oceania.*
  • We ensure final packaging and labelling requirements are met.
  • We handle full communication with the freight forwarder.


3-5 Photos: US$20/Photo

6-10 Photos: US$17/Photo

11+ Photos: US$14/Photo

  • Sample or product photos taken on a plain white background, up to Amazon standards.
  • Models (male/female) & special backgrounds or lifestyle scenarios available at additional cost (case by case).

Consultation Call


Is this your first time manufacturing or importing from China? Do you keep running into problems or the unknown? Are you communicating online to a Chinese supplier or agent but struggling to get your requests across? Do you feel in the dark about certain details in business dealings with China? Travel plans cancelled due to COVID-19 and you cannot find anyone trustworthy to manage things on the ground?

Call us for a consultation, and we will answer all your hard-pressed questions.

We have 5+ years of experience on the ground in China, and we have deep experience working with e-commerce, Amazon FBA, and events.


Coming soon.

* Note that all extra expenses such as shipping fees, customs and bill of lading fees, are extra expenses and are paid by you.

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